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Community & Environment


As a company, PGN has a unique opportunity and a unique advantage.

PGN is the leader, the specialist and the dominant player in an underdeveloped market that has huge potential for growth into the future. Natural gas is the ‘clean' energy source that will power Indonesia's development and that touches the lives of people everywhere, every day.

However we are well aware that natural gas is a non-renewable natural resource, and that present levels of supply cannot satisfy ever-growing demand.

As we have done throughout our history, PGN seeks to turn challenges into opportunities. We are doing this by growing the business, building LNG Receiving Terminals (LNG RT) and looking at the possibility of processing Coal Bed Methane (CBM). We have also begun to explore the development of non-pipeline transport modes to anticipate and capture opportunities to grow demand for gas as an alternative fuel in the future.

However securing reliable supplies of energy for our customers is not done in isolation. We will continue to support all our activities with corporate social responsibility programs to benefit local communities and to promote sustainable environment management.

Our mission, as always, is to provide energy for today and for tomorrow - natural energy for life.



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