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About PGN


Natural gas distribution

PGN operates a natural gas distribution pipeline network stretching more than 3750 km, supplying natural gas to power plants, industry, commercial businesses, including restaurants, hotels and hospitals, and households, in some the country's most densely populated areas. PGN derives a profit from the sale of the gas to its customers.

Natural gas transmission

The natural gas transmission pipeline operated by PGN comprises a high-pressure pipeline network, some 2,100 km in length, which transports natural gas from the producers' gas fields to the buyers receiving stations. PGN receives a Toll Fee for the transportation of the gas as specified in Gas Transportation Agreements (GTA) operable over 10-20 years.

Strategic Business Units

To oversee the transmission and distribution operations, PGN has divided its business area into four geographically focused Strategic Business Units:

  • SBU Distribution Region I, covering the area from South Sumatera to Western Java (including Jakarta - Bogor)
  • SBU Distribution Region II, covering East Java
  • SBU Distribution Region III, covering North Sumatera, Pekanbaru and the Batam Islands
  • SBU Transmission, covering the transmission network in South Sumatera and Java.

In addition, PT Transportasi Gas Indonesia, a subsidiary of PGN, manages the natural gas transmission business between Grissik-Duri and Grissik-Singapore.

Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies
  • PT Transportasi Gas Indonesia: natural gas transmission
  • PT PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara (PGASCOM): telecommunications
  • PT PGAS Solution: construction
  • PT Nusantara Regas: floating storage and regasification terminal
  • PT Saka Energi Indonesia: upstream activities
  • PT Gagas Energi Indonesia: downstream activities
  • PT Gas Energi Jambi: trading, construction and services
  • PT Banten Gas Synergi: services, transportation, trading and mining
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