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About PGN



To be a world class energy company in the gas sector by 2020.


To enhance the added value of the Company for stakeholders through:

  • Customers: Solutions to fulfill energy needs that are safe, deliver additional value, economical, and increase competitiveness.
  • Society: Improving social welfare and sustainable economic growth though energy self sufficiency and environmental conservation efforts;
  • Shareholders/Investors: Creating optimal and sustainable value for the Company through internal and external synergies

PGN Culture

Our corporate culture represents the values and philosophies that everyone in the Company has agreed forms the foundation we must build on, and the direction we must follow, if PGN is to achieve its goals. Our corporate culture is defined in terms of five values, abbreviated as ProCISE, which incorporate 10 key behaviors.

Having the right degree of competence to deliver great results and being responsible for all decisions and actions.

Continuous Improvement
Always seeking to do better through innovation, and being adaptable to change.

Being honest with oneself and others, and ethical and consistent in mind, word and deed.

Maximizing occupational health and safety through discipline and consistency, and caring for the social and natural environment.

Excellent Service
Achieving maximum satisfaction for internal and external customers by responding quickly, being proactive, and providing excellent service.

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