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About PGN


Meeting Energy Demand

With demand for natural gas continuing to rise and existing sources unable to keep up, PGN is seeking strategic solutions to ensure security of supply for its customers, and to prevent gas shortages in a number of regions.

PGN is currently looking for new gas supplies, primarily from locations close to existing infrastructure, as well as trying to obtain more allocation from the gas earmarked for domestic market usage.

Other options include the potential utilization of non-conventional sources such as Coal Bed Methane, and infrastructure development to expand existing distribution and transmission capacity, as well as to accommodate possible inter-mode gas transportation such as CNG and LNG.

Climate Change

No less important is the Company's participation in countering the effects of global warming, an issue that is of growing concern and is mobilizing the entire global community. As well as activities to rehabilitate environments following the construction of its transmission networks, PGN continues to participate in the greening of critical land in and around our operational areas. In this way PGN has contributed to efforts to reduce the impact of global warming.

We also participate in positive campaigns about the benefits of using alternative fuels that are more environmentally friendly, aimed at raising public awareness about the use of alternative fuels, and in particular, natural gas.

Clean Energy

Natural gas is cleaner and ‘greener' and more environmentally friendly than oil based fuels and coal, burning more cleanly and releasing fewer potentially harmful emissions into the atmosphere. By securing reliable supplies of natural gas at competitive cost and raising public awareness about its benefits, PGN strives to replace less environmentally friendly fuels with clean natural gas.

Sustainable Development

PGN believes that sustainability is only possible if all stakeholders benefit. We are involved in a large number of initiatives and activities to maintain a balance in our growth between economic benefits (profit), social benefits (people) and environmental benefits (planet). These initiatives and activities are presented in full in the company's Sustainability Report.

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